Run Your Own Auction with WP Auctions Plugin

Wordpress Auction PluginWant to bypass eBay’s recently increased seller fees? Of course you do! Maybe you have some “stuff” you just want to sell: clothes, electronics, blog reviews, services, or anything else you feel like selling. Now you can have your very own auction on your blog.

WP Auctions is a sweet WordPress Plugin developed by Hyder over at WPAuctions and released on February 22, 2008. With the WP Auctions plugin, you have complete control of your auctions on your blog. Buyers can place real time bids on your site with no registration required. [Read more...]

One WordPress Plugin You Need – All in One SEO Pack

Wordpress SEO PluginIf there is just one WordPress plugin that you had to have, then the All in One SEO Pack is it! This free plugin optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines. It’s so easy to use it practically does all the work for you – all you have to do it install it. I installedĀ the All in One SEO PackĀ on another blog that I own and it was extremely simple. I highly recommend this plugin if you are interested in optimizing your blog for search engines. [Read more...]