Drive Traffic with Social Shopping

Wikipedia defines “social shopping” as “a method of e-commerce in which consumers shop in a social networking environment.

Web2.0 with Squidoo

Social shopping sites are a brilliant blend of social networking and e-commerce. Combining two of the Internet’s biggest activities, social shoppers engage in commerce along with socializing with like-minded people. The intent of social shopping sites is not to sell anything at all, just to provide a comfy environment where you can share great bargains, as well as advice about products that are great and not so great.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are already familiar with the likes of and Well, social shopping sites have followed in those footsteps, creating networking environments that are colorful and invite sharing of personal information, lists of friends, and interests.

Some notable social shopping sites include – I’m sure we’ll see many more of these in the coming year:

  • Kaboodle: Kaboodle is a social shopping community where people discover, recommend and share products. Kaboodle’s powerful shopping tools allow people to organize their shopping through lists, discover new things from people with similar style, get discounts on popular products and find best prices. More than 2 million unique monthly visitors.
    It’s super easy to register and get started.You can install the Kaboodle widget in your brower’s toolbar to easily add any product web page or web site to your Kaboodle list. Recently acquired by Hearst Corp.
  • ThisNext: Real recommendations from real people. We blend two powerful elements of real-world shopping otherwise lost for online consumers: word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted sources and the ability to browse products in the way that naturally leads to discovery.
  • Wishpot: Wishpot is a free social shopping service that makes it easy to save and share interesting things you find in stores and online.
  • Stylehive: The Stylehive is a global social shopping community, dedicated to discovering and sharing the most exciting products, the stores that sell them, and the people that find them.

If you have an Internet-based business, be sure to participate in social shopping networks. At least join up and monitor the activity around your products.

According to Hitwise, the market research company, social shopping is still a small corner of the Internet and accounts for fewer than 1 percent of all U.S. Web visits. However, social shopping sites took an eightfold leap in 2007.

And, don’t forget that fewer than 1 percent is still millions of people. You simply cannot ignore that!

So, if you have an Internet business, get busy and involved with social shopping to gain more exposure to your products, and monitor activity surrounding your product.

If you are a shopper, get ready to find even more great products and spend lots money through all the great recommendations you’ll find in social shopping!