WordPress Ads Theme 2 and 3 Columns – Free

Wordpress Ads Theme 2 or 3 column

It’s hard to find good WordPress themes! So, I am happy to share this awesome find with you. The WordPress Ads theme is a 2 and 3 split column theme. The wider column sits on top of the 2 columns on the right side.

(The image pictured above cuts off the lower part where the column splits into 2 – you’ll have to visit the Demo page to see the whole page.)

I like the split column themes a lot. This one especially provides ease of use. In the WordPress widget area of the Admin panel, the Sidebar arrangement shows you the top, left, and right sidebars. No messing around with code in the .php files! Thank the author, Eric, for being considerate of bloggers in the creation of this Ads theme.

Now, the other feature I am quite fond of is the ad space in the header. Areas for Adsense ads are also built-in to the theme. Overall, the WordPress Ads theme is advertising ready!

The Ads theme for WordPress also provides you with the following WordPress plugins:

 I tried it out in another blog for a friend and it was easy to install. We have not finished customizing it and I will comment here when it’s done. 

Best of all, it’s free! Happy download!



The Morning After – WordPress Magazine Theme 3 Column


The Morning After is a WordPress magazine style theme with 3 columns. The two smaller columns sit to the right. The Morning After theme is clean, well-organized, and simply coloured   This magazine style WordPress has the following features:

  • A three-column home page
  • “Featured” post highlighting
  • Associating images/thumbnails with recent posts
  • Customisable logo/header image
  • Easy CSS classes for adding captions and wrapping text around images in posts
  • Asides
  • Option for readers to email posts to friends
  • Option to switch to a print-friendly view to print posts

The author of The Morning After WordPress theme also includes these plug-ins with the download:

The author, Arun Kale, includes instructions on installation and how-to’s about various usage and customization of The Morning After theme. He even has a forum you can visit in case you need more support.



All in all, this WordPress theme gets a big thumbs up from me! I love the magazine style themes! So why don’t I use one on this site? I plan to install one this week although it’s been hard to pick one … they are all so fantastic! Which one do you like?

Stay Tune’d!

Ghacks WordPress 3 Column Theme

ghacks 3 column theme

The Ghacks 3 Column WordPress theme is sweet looking, in various hues of blue with black and gray. Ghack WordPress theme includes three columns, set to the right of the main content column.Best of all, the Ghacks 3 col theme is free as long as the author link in the footer remains. The WordPress theme is also optimized to gain great exposure in the most popular search engines as well as monetized perfectly.According to the author of Ghacks theme, this theme was designed to implement plugins as flawlessly as possible. All the recommended plugins can just be activated in WordPress and the theme displays them automatically without user interaction or code editing.The author also provide instructions for the WordPress theme, and the name and description of all the recommended WordPress plug-ins. Here is one of many great plug-in recommendations.Visit the author’s website for more!

Adsense Paster – The easiest way to add Adsense to your blog. Download the plugin from the website above and ftp it into your wordpress plugin directory. After that you simply create the code on the Google Adsense website and paste that code into the ads_0.php file that resides in the plugin directory. Once you have done that activate the plugin in WordPress and watch as the ads appear on the top left of your articles.

What more can you ask for?



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Hi-Tech Adsense WordPress Theme, 3 Column

Hi-Tech WordPress Theme 3 Column

The Ads Minded WordPress Theme, 3-column includes the following features:

  • WordPress 1.5 & 2.0+ compatible
  • XHTML compatible codes
  • W3C CSS compatible codes
  • 3 columns with an optional square advertisement (Shows on main page) on top of the sidebars
  • Search engine friendly and easy advertisement placement
  • Comes with a few useful plugins written by me and others

You can choose between the wide version (1000px wide) and normal version (770px wide).



This 3-column WordPress theme is great looking and fits well with a hi-tech, gadget related blog.

 Not too familiar with WordPress setup? You can easily set up your own WordPress Blog by following these clear step-by-step instructions. No technical skills required, guaranteed!