Revolution Themes 25% Off – Last Chance!

As many of you know, Brian Gardner recently announced that Revolution is going open source. What does that mean for the current 10 Revolution themes? It means that you will no longer be able to purchase them as of 12:00 midnight, October 31st. From now until October 31, you can purchase any Revolution theme for 25% off. This is a fantastic deal and your last chance to purchase any of the current themes. [Read more...]

Fresh News Magazine Theme

Fresh News Magazine themeFresh News is a fabulous new WordPress theme by Adii and Magnus Jepson. The features are incredible but before I go on, note that with this theme, you can easily switch your front page layout from a traditional blog to a magazine style layout simply by selecting the appropriate option in the themes’ Admin panel.

With the Fresh News theme, you also get 6 colors that you can change from your WordPress Admin panel. [Read more...]

Mimbo Pro Premium Magazine Style Theme

Mombo Pro themeMimbo Pro is a full-featured magazine or news WordPress theme recently released. We are so excited about the Mimbo Pro theme! Mimbo supplies you with a built-in contact form, image gallery, custom archive pages, breadcrumbs, ad management, Feedburner and Google Analytics options, and much more. Mimbo is also ideal if you plan to use WordPress as a content management system (CMS).

The colors are striking and you also get two alternate color schemes (red and green) that are managed through the Mimbo Pro Options tab in the Admin panel. You can also change the number of words that WordPress excerpts uses through the “Optional Excerpt” panel. All in all Mimbo Pro is changing premium themes once again with all the comprehensive control panel that allows you to easily change options.

[Read more...]

Live Wire Edition 3 Column Magazine Style Theme

Live Wires Edition Magazine WordPress themeI was excited to see that Adii and Mark Forrestor teamed up to create the Live Wire series of premium themes for WordPress. Live Wire Edition is a feature rich 3 column magazine or newspaper style WordPress theme. I was impressed with the classic look and feel of Live Wire Edition theme, and the rich features.

The Live Wire Series is Adii’s most featured packed theme to date, available in four colors: red, orange, blue and purple. This WordPress theme also features plenty of ad space for monetization. The sidebar is split – a single wide sidebar that splits into 2 sidebars further down the page. The real treat is in the features! [Read more...]

Revolution Pro Business Theme

revolution business pro themeThe Revolution Pro Business theme was just released a couple of days ago from Brian Gardner. Pro Business follows in the footsteps of and sports a similar look / feel of the Pro Media theme, another brilliant creation.

Revolution Pro Business is the ideal solution for a small business or company who wants a smart looking static web page as well as a blog. Pro Business is not limited to the small business or company. No way! The Revolution Pro theme is perfect for your WordPress niche affiliate site as well. Get your creative thinking cap on! [Read more...]

Win a Free Revolution Pro WordPress Theme – Magazine Style

Enter this contest today to win this fantastic Revolution Pro WordPress theme!

Take your blog to an even higher level with top WordPress designer, Brian Gardner’s newest addition to his Revolution WordPress Magazine-style Theme series. This new theme is feature rich and very cool looking. Now, you can get this fabulous premium theme for FREE, just by entering this contest.

Now is your chance to be the first in the blogosphere to “wear” this new WordPress theme. The Revolution Pro Media WordPress Theme has not even been released yet by Brian Gardner, but will be by February 15, 2008, the day the winner of this contest is announced!

Revolution magazine style theme

On February 15, 2008, I will randomly select 1 lucky blogger! If you want that lucky blogger to be YOU, then read on!

How To Participate?

The contest is for a WordPress theme so your blog must be using the WordPress platform. It’s easy to enter this contest:

  • Write a brief post about this contest on your blog.
  • Be sure to include the following in your blog post:
    • A word or two about the Revolution Pro Media magazine style theme (optionally, include the image)
    • Link to this post
    • Link to the Revolution Pro Media WordPress theme
  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog posting (I will be using the comments to select a winner!)

The Fine Print: The winner will receive one Single-Use Package of the Revolution Pro Media WordPress theme. This package is for the person who intends on using this theme on a single website. You may not transfer or give away the theme if you win.

Brian Gardner has graciously agreed to this contest for a Revolution theme giveaway. Thank you!

Visit RevolutionTheme.comto demo Brian Gardner’s other Revolution theme series.

Premium WordPress News Theme – Content is King

Premium News Magazine WordPress Theme by Adii

The Premium WordPress News NewsPress Theme is the newest addition to the latest news / magazine category of themes. Adii is the creator of the NewsPress WordPress Theme. Adii has designed many fine looking, feature rich themes and this theme is no different!

The NewsPress WordPress Theme really makes a statement with its big, bold design. Adii includes lots of adspace built into this theme too!

NewsPress WordPress Theme features the typical blog Page menu across the top, with a category menu that sits just below the header. This design element provides an additional way for readers to navigate around your blog.

The front page shows featured article excerpts, with a small image included. The appearance is organized and inviting!

Wordpress premium news theme tabbed columnThe right side of the NewsPress WordPress Theme has many unique features that really caught my eye. It combines a tabbed area, wide single column that splits into three columns below it for Categories, Archives, and Related Sites.

The tabbed area contains the Popular posts, Comments, Featured, and Tag Cloud.

A search box is built-in along with feed subscription by RSS or email. There is also an Archive page that neatly displays Categories, Archives, and Tags.

All in all the NewsPress WordPress Theme present content in a clear, organized fashion and includes many ways to navigate around. With a spot for a featured video, and ad space built-in, you can’t go wrong with this bold and brilliant design.

See the Demo

Win a Free Revolution Premium WordPress Theme

Revolution WordPress Tech Theme

For all of you that missed the last fantastic Revolution WordPress theme giveaway, here is another chance for you to win one.

Many thanks to McBilly, who is hosting this fabulous contest. McBilly is a freelance web designer so be sure to check out his portfolio when you stop by his blog.

The winner of this contest will win a WordPress Revolution Tech Theme by the talented designer Brian Gardner. This WordPress theme will breathe new life into your blog with it’s magazine styled look. It’s more suitable for tech-based blog but you can get creative and customize it as much as you want.

You can see the Revolution Tech theme implemented here at Smart Home Gadgets!

Revolution WordPress theme sells for $79.95. Enter the contest and get it for FREE! The winner will be announced on February 5.

Maybe I’ll win! Good luck to you all.

News: A Magazine Style WordPress Theme

News a new kind of WordPress theme

News is a new type of magazine style WordPress theme by Quommunication. News WordPress theme sports a clean look that focuses mainly on, well, news about the topic you blog about.

When you click on any particular category, the category results list features the latest news item in that category within a cool looking colored area so it really stands out. Other features include:

  • Clean & Well Commented Code
  • Valid & Cross-Browser Compatible
  • No Images, Just CSS
  • Popular Posts & Comments
  • Tags & Tag Cloud
  • Sub-Category Support
  • No Plugins Needed
  • Widget Ready
  • Customization Support

The News magazine style WordPress theme will set you back $75. Quommunication has no affiliate program at this time and no immediate plans to implement one.

When I first saw the News WordPress theme, something about it was quite appealing to. So I took myself on a grand tour of the demo blog to really get inside the goods. It is lightening fast! No waiting for graphics to load.

Maybe I have fallen victim to a little Internet “A-D-D” but I found the News theme a little boring about 4 clicks into it. Sure, there was lots to read but I needed something more to look at. Or maybe I just got a little spoiled drooling over Brian Gardner’s magazine themes.

Still, if you are looking for a fast loading WordPress theme, with a clean plain look, then give News a try.

Are you ready for News?



The Morning After – WordPress Magazine Theme 3 Column


The Morning After is a WordPress magazine style theme with 3 columns. The two smaller columns sit to the right. The Morning After theme is clean, well-organized, and simply coloured   This magazine style WordPress has the following features:

  • A three-column home page
  • “Featured” post highlighting
  • Associating images/thumbnails with recent posts
  • Customisable logo/header image
  • Easy CSS classes for adding captions and wrapping text around images in posts
  • Asides
  • Option for readers to email posts to friends
  • Option to switch to a print-friendly view to print posts

The author of The Morning After WordPress theme also includes these plug-ins with the download:

The author, Arun Kale, includes instructions on installation and how-to’s about various usage and customization of The Morning After theme. He even has a forum you can visit in case you need more support.



All in all, this WordPress theme gets a big thumbs up from me! I love the magazine style themes! So why don’t I use one on this site? I plan to install one this week although it’s been hard to pick one … they are all so fantastic! Which one do you like?

Stay Tune’d!