Win a Free Revolution Pro WordPress Theme – Magazine Style

Enter this contest today to win this fantastic Revolution Pro WordPress theme!

Take your blog to an even higher level with top WordPress designer, Brian Gardner’s newest addition to his Revolution WordPress Magazine-style Theme series. This new theme is feature rich and very cool looking. Now, you can get this fabulous premium theme for FREE, just by entering this contest.

Now is your chance to be the first in the blogosphere to “wear” this new WordPress theme. The Revolution Pro Media WordPress Theme has not even been released yet by Brian Gardner, but will be by February 15, 2008, the day the winner of this contest is announced!

Revolution magazine style theme

On February 15, 2008, I will randomly select 1 lucky blogger! If you want that lucky blogger to be YOU, then read on!

How To Participate?

The contest is for a WordPress theme so your blog must be using the WordPress platform. It’s easy to enter this contest:

  • Write a brief post about this contest on your blog.
  • Be sure to include the following in your blog post:
    • A word or two about the Revolution Pro Media magazine style theme (optionally, include the image)
    • Link to this post
    • Link to the Revolution Pro Media WordPress theme
  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog posting (I will be using the comments to select a winner!)

The Fine Print: The winner will receive one Single-Use Package of the Revolution Pro Media WordPress theme. This package is for the person who intends on using this theme on a single website. You may not transfer or give away the theme if you win.

Brian Gardner has graciously agreed to this contest for a Revolution theme giveaway. Thank you!

Visit RevolutionTheme.comto demo Brian Gardner’s other Revolution theme series.

Premium WordPress News Theme – Content is King

Premium News Magazine WordPress Theme by Adii

The Premium WordPress News NewsPress Theme is the newest addition to the latest news / magazine category of themes. Adii is the creator of the NewsPress WordPress Theme. Adii has designed many fine looking, feature rich themes and this theme is no different!

The NewsPress WordPress Theme really makes a statement with its big, bold design. Adii includes lots of adspace built into this theme too!

NewsPress WordPress Theme features the typical blog Page menu across the top, with a category menu that sits just below the header. This design element provides an additional way for readers to navigate around your blog.

The front page shows featured article excerpts, with a small image included. The appearance is organized and inviting!

Wordpress premium news theme tabbed columnThe right side of the NewsPress WordPress Theme has many unique features that really caught my eye. It combines a tabbed area, wide single column that splits into three columns below it for Categories, Archives, and Related Sites.

The tabbed area contains the Popular posts, Comments, Featured, and Tag Cloud.

A search box is built-in along with feed subscription by RSS or email. There is also an Archive page that neatly displays Categories, Archives, and Tags.

All in all the NewsPress WordPress Theme present content in a clear, organized fashion and includes many ways to navigate around. With a spot for a featured video, and ad space built-in, you can’t go wrong with this bold and brilliant design.

See the Demo

Win a Free Revolution Premium WordPress Theme

Revolution WordPress Tech Theme

For all of you that missed the last fantastic Revolution WordPress theme giveaway, here is another chance for you to win one.

Many thanks to McBilly, who is hosting this fabulous contest. McBilly is a freelance web designer so be sure to check out his portfolio when you stop by his blog.

The winner of this contest will win a WordPress Revolution Tech Theme by the talented designer Brian Gardner. This WordPress theme will breathe new life into your blog with it’s magazine styled look. It’s more suitable for tech-based blog but you can get creative and customize it as much as you want.

You can see the Revolution Tech theme implemented here at Smart Home Gadgets!

Revolution WordPress theme sells for $79.95. Enter the contest and get it for FREE! The winner will be announced on February 5.

Maybe I’ll win! Good luck to you all.

IAMWW W2 DnD WordPress Theme 3 Column

3 column wordpress theme iamww

The IAMWW W2 DnD WordPress 3 column theme (that was a mouthful!) built on a grid layout, with a white, gray and blue color scheme.


  • Fixed width with an overall width of 920px.
  • Widget ready.
  • Horizontal top navigation.
  • A grid based layout with one right-hand sidebar that also contains two smaller sub-sidebars.
  • A JavaScript sliding drawer or shelf for browsing categories.
  • An about me or about site blurb at the top of the sidebar that is only displayed on the home page.
  • Includes an archives template page.
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.0+.
  • There is no options page with this theme.
  • No plugins are required.
  • Validates as (X)HTML and CSS.

Supported plugins (optional):

  • Popularity Contest – Download and install per author’s instructions.
  • Related Posts – Download and install per author’s instructions. No special configuration needed.

The theme was tested in Firefox (Mac, Linux and Windows), Internet Explorer 7, Opera (Mac) and Safari (Mac and Windows).

What I like about the IAMWW 3 column WordPress theme:

At the top, just below the header on the right, click the Browse button. A Category menu drops down, and fills the width of the theme. The Category menu includes the Category name and number of posts. A nice looking feature that the reader can hide or show.

wordpress theme browse categories

The front page shows excerpts from recent articles as opposed to the full article. The title fonts are REALLY BIG! They stand out.

There are lots of ad placement possibilities with the right-most column. This column starts out as one column at the top and splits into two columns below. A nice touch.

Thank Will Wilkins for the IAMWW W2 Dnd WordPress theme 3 column (split).



WordPress Theme Giveaway!

It’s a new year and time to start thinking about a WordPress  ”theme-lift” for your blog. There are hundreds of free WordPress themes but the best things in life are not always free!

Two of my favorite WordPress theme designers are part of a WordPress theme giveaway hosted by BloggingMix. Yes – you can win a theme created by Brian Gardner or R. Bhavesh.

The contest winners will be announced by BloggingMix on January 28, 2008. So get over to the BloggingMix contest and enter!

Here are the rules:

Since the giveaways are WordPress Themes, only bloggers using the WordPress platform are qualified to participate. To get a chance to win these fabulous Wordpress themes, all you have to do is:

  1. Make a short post about the giveaway so that others may know.
  2. Included in your post is a review of the WordPress theme that you want to win.
  3. Don’t forget to link to the contest page and the WordPress theme of your choice.
  4. Lastly, leave a comment at the contest page with a link to your review.

I want to win this feature-rich, fabulous looking Revolution Magazine theme by Brian Gardner.

Brian Gardner Revolution magazine theme

Revolution Magazine theme is very customizable and includes an enhanced featured video location on the theme. The front page features 3 columns, with the right-most column splitting into 2 columns on the lower part of the page. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how much I LOVE this style.

You can feature articles in the left column with larger photos, and other supporting articles in the center column with smaller photos. The right column has a spot for a video and other ad spaces with the usual archives and categories below in the 2 column area. Another nice touch are the text menus across the top, just below the header.

Brian also provides tutorials for his WordPress themes and answers all his emails.

Overall, a great job! I really want the Revolution Magazine theme by Brian Gardner! By the way, my WordPress blog is now wearing Brian Gardner’s Silhouette WordPress Theme, 3 column. 

 Go now, and participate in the contest!

WordPress Ads Theme 2 and 3 Columns – Free

Wordpress Ads Theme 2 or 3 column

It’s hard to find good WordPress themes! So, I am happy to share this awesome find with you. The WordPress Ads theme is a 2 and 3 split column theme. The wider column sits on top of the 2 columns on the right side.

(The image pictured above cuts off the lower part where the column splits into 2 – you’ll have to visit the Demo page to see the whole page.)

I like the split column themes a lot. This one especially provides ease of use. In the WordPress widget area of the Admin panel, the Sidebar arrangement shows you the top, left, and right sidebars. No messing around with code in the .php files! Thank the author, Eric, for being considerate of bloggers in the creation of this Ads theme.

Now, the other feature I am quite fond of is the ad space in the header. Areas for Adsense ads are also built-in to the theme. Overall, the WordPress Ads theme is advertising ready!

The Ads theme for WordPress also provides you with the following WordPress plugins:

 I tried it out in another blog for a friend and it was easy to install. We have not finished customizing it and I will comment here when it’s done. 

Best of all, it’s free! Happy download!



WP Premium WordPress Theme 2 and 3 Split Column

WP Premier Theme

The WP Premium theme is a split 3 column theme. In otherwords the right side column is one column on the top half and splits into two columns below. The theme is bundled with three colors: brown, black, and soft red. The soft red is pictured above. Changing the color scheme is as easy as opening the style.css and changing the color style name to the one you prefer. Instructions are in rthe eadme.txt file in the theme folder. The WP Premium theme contains separate css for layout and color. I like having separate css because looking through a huge list of styles is not my favorite task!

R. Bhavesh of WP Remix is the creator of this fabulous WordPress theme.

The WP Premier WordPress themes is full of cool features!

  • 3 color schemes
  • Separate css for layout and color.
  • Multiple Search option with Tabber Functionality
  • RSS e-mail subscription form
  • 2 and 3 Column sidebar
  • Three 100 x 100 pixel ad blocks in sidebar.
  • Easy Editable, Light weight, Strategic Code
  • SEO Optimized
  • W3C Valid
  • Table Less Coded
  • Optimized XHTML code
  • Short Hand CSS
  • FREE!



I like the versatility of the split column. The theme does not limit you to a smaller column width for the length of the column, just the lower half.  I like the text menu buttons across the top, below the header. It’s a nice touch. 

The wider top part of the column is not in a widget so you’ll need to know how to make changes to the “Sidebar Featured” PHP file. If you do not know how to work in the PHP file, find a friend who can help.

I am not sure if I “love” the tabber functionality in the upper part of the column. The  Search, Categories, and Archives are part of the tab function. My philosophy is “out of sight, out of mind.” For example, will anyone bother to click on the tabs to view the Categories? Or does everything need to be neatly laid out in the column in plain sight?

Overall, the WP Premier is a nice-looking, feature filled WordPress theme that anyone should be proud to show off their blog!

The Morning After – WordPress Magazine Theme 3 Column


The Morning After is a WordPress magazine style theme with 3 columns. The two smaller columns sit to the right. The Morning After theme is clean, well-organized, and simply coloured   This magazine style WordPress has the following features:

  • A three-column home page
  • “Featured” post highlighting
  • Associating images/thumbnails with recent posts
  • Customisable logo/header image
  • Easy CSS classes for adding captions and wrapping text around images in posts
  • Asides
  • Option for readers to email posts to friends
  • Option to switch to a print-friendly view to print posts

The author of The Morning After WordPress theme also includes these plug-ins with the download:

The author, Arun Kale, includes instructions on installation and how-to’s about various usage and customization of The Morning After theme. He even has a forum you can visit in case you need more support.



All in all, this WordPress theme gets a big thumbs up from me! I love the magazine style themes! So why don’t I use one on this site? I plan to install one this week although it’s been hard to pick one … they are all so fantastic! Which one do you like?

Stay Tune’d!

WordPress Magazine Theme 3 Column – WP Magazine Theme 1.0

WP Magazine Theme 3 column Solostream
If you are looking for a savvy WordPress Magazine Type Theme, then look no further. This WordPress 3 column magazine theme by Solostream is hot and widget ready. Best of all, the WP Magazine theme has banner ad blocks just waiting for you to profit from.The WP Magazine theme 1.0 is fixed-width, with multiple layout options and multiple features.

This theme is Widget-Ready, User-Friendly, and Optimized for WordPress Versions 2.2 and Above:

  • Five Different Home Page Layouts
  • Four Different Category/Archive Page Layouts
  • Home Page Featured Article Glider Box
  • Built-In Banner Ad Blocks
  • Built-In Site Guide in Right Sidebar
  • Customized Recent Comments in Sidebar With Gravatar Support
  • Author Bio Information and Gravatar Included on Single Post Pages
  • Alternating Color Comments With Gravatar Support
  • XHTML Valid

Created by Michael Pollock of SoloStream, this WordPress theme will cost you a few bucks, but it’s well worth it with all the bells and whistles. Michael also provides numerous WordPress how-to tutorials and videos. He has many WordPress themes available. Prices vary and he has discounts from to time.


Download / Purchase

Ghacks WordPress 3 Column Theme

ghacks 3 column theme

The Ghacks 3 Column WordPress theme is sweet looking, in various hues of blue with black and gray. Ghack WordPress theme includes three columns, set to the right of the main content column.Best of all, the Ghacks 3 col theme is free as long as the author link in the footer remains. The WordPress theme is also optimized to gain great exposure in the most popular search engines as well as monetized perfectly.According to the author of Ghacks theme, this theme was designed to implement plugins as flawlessly as possible. All the recommended plugins can just be activated in WordPress and the theme displays them automatically without user interaction or code editing.The author also provide instructions for the WordPress theme, and the name and description of all the recommended WordPress plug-ins. Here is one of many great plug-in recommendations.Visit the author’s website for more!

Adsense Paster – The easiest way to add Adsense to your blog. Download the plugin from the website above and ftp it into your wordpress plugin directory. After that you simply create the code on the Google Adsense website and paste that code into the ads_0.php file that resides in the plugin directory. Once you have done that activate the plugin in WordPress and watch as the ads appear on the top left of your articles.

What more can you ask for?



Click here for even more Adsense-Ready Plug-In-Profit WordPress Themes That Looks Great & Works Like Magic To Put Auto-Pilot Cash Into Your Pocket.