Leave Typos Alone and Get Some Internet Traffic

Blogging to the Bank

Are you one of those people who carefully spellchecks your blog or website and makes all the necessary corrections? If so, you can be missing out of my favorite kind of Internet traffic, that is, typo traffic. I know, all the “Pro” bloggers tell you to check for those typos in your blog postings. Don’t bother with corrections. Chances are, you did type something wrong that can benefit your site.

Did you know that AT LEAST 17% of all Internet searches contain typo variations of the real keywords? Wouldn’t you like to steer some of those search results to your website?

There are two types of typos:

  • Domain
  • Regular words

Domain Typos

Now even though we all have a Favorite menu in the Internet browser, many people still enjoy typing a domain name to reach the Internet destination. This result in lots of domain typos. Imagine if you owned a typo domain of a real domain that gets tons of traffic? You would end up getting lots of free traffic too.

Take JohnCow.com for instance. First you have to know the real domain name. Everyone knows who JohnChow.com is, don’t you? If not, scoot right over there and then come back and finish reading this post. Well, JohnCow.com is a typo domain version of JohnChow.com. The bloggers over at JohnCow.com have a had a lot of fun with this one. Do you know in their first month of owning the domain, they had over 67,000 new visitors? And the visitors just keep on coming.

How about Gamil.com? They were around about eight years before Gmail.com came into the Internet picture. Gamil.com gets tons of free, new traffic due to all of us who can’t type Gmail.com correctly.

There are two good examples of typo domains. See, typos can drive enourmous traffic!

Regular Word Typos

Now that we covered domain typos, let’s talk about regular words in blog postings, web pages, title tags, and meta description tags. I first discovered typo traffic when I typed a product name incorrectly on an affiliate marketing web page. I didn’t realize I typed it wrong and was pleasantly surprised when my sales for that particular product went up suddenly. I checked my site statistics and found that all these Internet surfers were typing the product name incorrectly into the search engine. My site was number one for quite some time due to that little mistake.

Lots of people use typos now on purpose to drive traffic to their sites. So give it some thought before correcting it next time you find a typo in your blog post or web site article. People have built entire blogs or web sites around typos (domains and words.)