The Rich Jerk is Really a Jerk

OK, I said it. The Rich Jerk describes himself appropriately. He really is a jerk. I had not read this jerk’s ebooks before so when I saw The Rich Jerk Making Money on the Internet ebook for just $9.99, I figured I had nothing much to lose. If there is just one small tidbit of information that helps me make lots more Internet money, then it’s well worth the purchase.

First let me say that The Rich Jerk is not for the faint of heart! He is brash and direct, a very hardcore Internet money making guy. He tells it like it is. So if you like fluffy, cute advice about how to make money on the Internet, then don’t get the Rich Jerk ebook.

If you are new to making money on the Internet, The Rich Jerk may not be for you, although he does include a supplemental chapter for beginners (and at $9.99 for a 65 page ebook, it’s a steal). Many of his tactics assume you know a thing or two already about Internet affiliate marketing, he just gives you a few of the pieces you are missing.

I won’t (and can’t!) give away all the secrets of The Rich Jerk ebook, but I will talk here about the chapters that were valuable for me and why.

Creating an Affiliate Website that Sells Like Crazy

The Rich Jerk provides some sales letter strategies that really lit a fire under me. Writing good sales letters is paramount to your success as an affiliate marketer. How many times did you get lazy and just copy and paste someone else’s crappy text onto your affiliate sales page? I know you do it. The Rich Jerk and his brash methods will definitely get you motivated to write sales copy that SELLS! He showed me how to think outside my box that I have fallen into.

Unique Search Engine PPC and Strategies

Everyone thinks they know everything about PPC Strategies. But I bet your ads look just like the other eight on the page. The Rich Jerk provides some good strategies for PPC ads and making money with Adsense. I started using some of his strategies for my PPC ads and guess what? They work!

Websites You Can Make Profitable Right Now

If you are not already using ClickBank, then read this chapter. The Rich Jerk gives some good information about creating profitable niche ClickBank websites.


All in all, just half the chapters were useful me (I didn’t mention them all here), but again, it was well worth the $9.99 for the ebook. You probably spend that much for two Starbuck lattes or three snacks in the junk machine in your workplace breakroom.

Honestly, I would not have paid $98 for this ebook (the original price when it was first published) but at $9.99 it was worth the price of admission. Plus you get access to The Rich Jerk forums to discuss, what else, MAKING MONEY ON THE INTERNET.

If you are out of ideas, your profits have plummeted, or you just want to increase your monthly checks, The Rich Jerk ebook will definitely keep you busy thinking outside the box.

Choose Profitable Products and Boost Sales with Clickbank

blogging to the bank with clickbankYou started a blog and now you want to make some money. Am I right? Not many people blog for free these days. There are many ways to monetize your blog and you’ve probably heard of or tried many of them by now.

Let me introduce you to Clickbank. Maybe you are already acquainted, maybe not. Either way, read on and maybe you’ll find a tidbit or two to help boost your sales.

Clickbank is an online payment processor and affiliate marketing system. It allows you to sell other people’s stuff. When you do, you get a commission based on the terms of the product agreement.

Unlike many other affiliate programs, Clickbank is geared primarily towards digital products like downloadable software and ebooks. Before getting into Clickbank, here’s a quick detour on a couple of things to do before getting started.

If you are thinking about writing niche articles or creating a niche website, the first place to start is finding your niche. That is not what this article is about so I won’t be focusing on that. So let’s say you find some keywords that are likely to make you a profit. Now what? Well you have to find some products that match those keywords.

But not just any products. You want to promote top notch products that are going to make you a PROFIT! That’s why you are blogging, isn’t it? To make a profit.

OK. Now let’s say you have your top notch, money-maker keywords. The next step is finding the affiliate products. Clickbank is a great place to start. You can find thousands of affiliate products to sell within a variety of categories. All it will cost you is the time and energy to find the products and create your niche articles.

Take a look at how to find products that sell really well.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Marketplace (located at top right).
  3. Type a keyword in the keywords field and click Go. You can also narrow your search by selecting a category.
  4. A list of products that match your query display in a list. Each Clickbank product displays information similar to the image below.

Clickbank affiliate products

What does all that stuff mean?

  • $/sale: The amount of money you earn for each sale.
  • Future $: Average rebill revenue.
  • Total $/sale: Average total $ per sale, including all rebills.
  • %/sale: The percentage of the product sale price that the sale represents.
  • %/refd: Fraction of publisher’s total sales that are referred by affiliates.
  • grav: The measure of how many affiliates are promoting the product. This is a weighted sum and not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks Clickbank adds an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The more recent the last referral, the higher the value added.

The Gravity indicator will tell you how well a product is selling. So a gravity score of 100 means a product is potentially selling better than one with a gravity score of 20. What if the gravity score is off the charts, like 450? Maybe the product is selling too well and you can’t compete with that type of competition in an already saturated market. I like to stay within the 70 to 100 range for gravity. Occasionally I will go for a lower gravity number especially if the product is new to market.

Once you select a product, check out the sales page. What are they selling? Would you buy it? If no, then why would someone else? Think about that.

Other things to consider in your Clickbank adventure. Let’s say the percent of the Clickbank sale to you is $20.00. Sound good, huh? If you are using Pay Per Click (PPC), be careful and do your math. If you pay 20 cents per click and it takes 100 clicks before a single person buys the product, then you have not made any money. You will break even. Even it takes 120 clicks before someone buys the product, then you have lost money.

It will take the same amount of work to promote a product that pays $46.00 as it does for one that pays you $20.00 so choose wisely. Now if you are just blogging on about stuff, and not using PPC at all, then it doesn’t matter so much except for your bottom line.

I am proud to say that in January, The Success Space made $499.00 with Clickbank products. This total took into consideration one returned item. So get blogging and start your own Clickbank profitable niche!

What are your Clickbank stategies?

Serve Up Ads and Profit with AdEngage

Although AdEngage has been around since 2004, I just became aware of the company. Where have I been?

Anyway, AdEngage is a service that connects publishers who want to sell ad space on their websites with advertisers who want to purchase ads on their websites. AdEngage is also particular about what publishers they allow into their network of publishers – preferably, quality sites with real content!

AdEngage serves up text and PhoText ads in a variety of customizable sizes, both vertical and horizontal formats. A PhoText ad displays a photo with text, and both are clickable.

Once you create an account, and place the HTML code in a key location on your website, your site will be listed in the AdEngage directory. Once it’s listed, advertisers browse through the thousands of sites to select one or more on which to display their ads.

Then the ad shows on your website and you make money! Yeah!

The Success Space signed up as a publisher recently and placed the HTML code in the right most column.

The amount of money that an advertiser will pay to advertise on your site is directly related to many factors. You can see in the example below of a random site that I selected from AdEngage. For this example, the fee is $320. per week to advertise on that particular site. Excellent paycheck! And that is just for one advertiser. It’s likely they have many rotating at the same time so do the math fellow bloggers!

Adengage for advertisers and publishers

Since I just got started with AdEngage, I am still waiting for an advertiser to purchase ads to display on The Success Space. In the meantime, they display some random ads to fill the space. I am hoping that AdEngage will prove more lucrative than Adsense. I’ll let you know how it goes.

It is very easy to sign up and get started. What are you waiting for?

Have you used AdEngage? Good experience? Bad? All comments are appreciated!

Entrecard Connection – Life is Colourful

Entrecard has proven to be not only a clever, traffic driving tool, but a way to be introduced to other bloggers and the stuff they write about. Traffic on The Success Space has increased since I started with Entrecard.

Getting back to getting to know other bloggers through Entrecard, let me introduce you to Life is Colourful, a blog about my favorite topic, making money online. You can learn about everything from search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and other ways to make money online.

It’s nice to read good honest information from someone who is not afraid to try new things and share the results with everyone. I especially like the article, How to Get Free Seasonal Search Engine Traffic.

Life is Colourful reminds us about the many holidays or events that happen throughout the year that many bloggers don’t use to their advantage to get traffic to their blogs or websites.

Building a post around holiday or special event keywords can drive additional traffic to your site that you would not otherwise have.

Scoot over to Life is Colourful and get even more great information about making money online.

Build a Niche Store 30-Day Challenge

Build a Niche Store has become a fast growing money maker in the last year. I heard and read so much about it that I just couldn’t resist the temptation to try it out for myself. I have been a “traditional” affiliate marketer since 1998 – creating websites with content that I wrote about products I like and adding affililate links manually.

The more I read about “Creating Niche Stores“, the more intriguing the idea became to me. With the promise of a simple 5-step system, I decided to give it a try.

BANS (Build A Niche Store) is a website builder that enables you to create a network of traffic pulling, money making niche websites focused around the eBay affiliate opportunity.

The claim of Build a Niche Store is simple:

  • Choose your niche
  • Build and develop your site
  • Promote
  • Make money
  • Repeat

So today, the first day of 2008, I purchased “Create a Niche Store“. For starters, I downloaded the necessary files and  printed the 70-page manual, which so far, clearly outlines How to Build a Niche Store.

I plan to follow the instructions to a “T” and see what happens within 30 days. Is Create a Niche Store everything it promises to be? More importantly, will I make money?

Until then, the Niche Store challenge is on. It could be the perfect answer for me since I have many domains just sitting around waiting to be filled with affiliate links. My first Niche Store test is with a UK domain that is not profitable anymore. I won’t be revealing the domain name during my self-imposed 30-day challenge because it wouldn’t be a fair test of how well the Niche Store idea works.

Stay TUNE’d for the next exciting episode of my Create a Niche Store 30-Day Challenge. AND, if anything spectacular happens before my 30-days is up, I will certainly let you know.

Ta-ta For Now!

How to Create a Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Passion

What does passion have to do with it? I just want to make money!

Well making money might be a good reason for starting a blog and money CAN be made, but in the end creating and maintaining a blog that is going to last is more about your passion or your driving force. Ask yourself this question:

“What would I do everyday, for the rest of my life, without ever being paid to do it?”

Whatever answer you come up with is your passion. That is what your blog should be about; YOUR PASSION. That is what you should be blogging about. Write for yourself before you right for someone else. Money and fame are just icing on the cake.

See, when you first start writing your blog, there most likely WILL NOT be any money returned from your time investment. Making money  is usually a result of long hours invested in gaining subscribers and avid readers and becoming known as an “expert”. You might decide to monetize your blog, but without people reading your blog, how are you going to make money?

Remember this: THERE ARE NO GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEMES RELATED TO BUILDING AN A+ BLOG!!! Sorry to dash your dreams but if you are looking for the “key” to riches beyond your wildest dreams, then please go somewhere else; you won’t find it here.

Step 2: Write Down Your Goals

Most likely if you write down your goals those goals will happen. This is because making yourself actually think about what you want to accomplish is half of the battle already won. “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” ~ English Proverb What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to deliver your message? When you are finished, what is it going to look like?

Step 3: Visit Some Other Blogs

Do some research and check out what other people are doing with their blogs. Learn what blogging is in general. Don’t just search for blogs in your niche, but also in general. There is alot to be learned from others that have already put up there own blogs. Posts some comments so that you can start to get a feel of what the whole blogging process is. While you are researching be sure to bookmark those blogs that you have visited and write down interesting ideas that pop into your head. You might not remember where you have been only a day or two earlier.

Step 4: Choose a Blogging Software

There a bunch of options when looking for your blogging software. I would start by doing a search on Google for Blogging Software. Don’t be intimidated by the 62,000,000 + results returned back to you. :)

For the scope of the article, I am going to talk about WordPress ( I chose WordPress for my blog not only because it is the most popular, but also because it is backed by a huge community, has some really useful plugins, gives you loads of control and is easy to use. You can either signup for at WordPress or find your own hosting provider to host the blog for you. If you are new to blogging then signing-up at WordPress might be your best bet. There are many of bulit-in extras like stats that track your visitors that are beneficial. Best of all it is FREE!!

Step 5: Buy a Domain Name

Buying a domain from a domain registry such as GoDaddy
will make your blog appear more professional. Choose a domain name that not only fits your blog’s purpose but also has keywords in it. For instance, if your blog is about gardening, then choose a domain such as “” or “”. The .com, .net, .org, etc extension is not important although .com extensions are generally recognized as the default.

Step 6: Customize Your Blog

Customizing your blog is very easy with WordPress. If you choose to host your blog with WordPress then you can choose from dozens of pre-installed templates. You can also Search Google for additional templates that are either FREE or low cost for around $45 a template. If you find a template that is not provided by the hosted service then you can simply upload the new template to your account. The control panel that comes with the hosted service is very easy to use. Web Hosting $6.95

If you are daring enough to modify the template by hand you can do so. WordPress is built in a web site scripting language called PHP. If you are not familiar with PHP then this route is not for you. You can, however, find additional resources online either at the WordPress website or by doing a Google search.

Step 7: Install Helpful Plugins

WordPress is easily expandable by the use of “Plugins”. Plugins are little pieces of software that are created by a 3rd-Party developer that accomplish simple tasks such as helping you manage your Google Adsense( ads or backing up your WordPress installation. There are many plugins to choose from and you can search for them at

Step 8: Write Your “About” Page

When you are ready, you can describe the blog and its purpose in an “About” page. Be as descriptive as you can about the target audience and what you will be providing in the blog.

Step 9: Start Posting to Your Blog

This is actually the hardest part. If you have done your homework on what your passion was and you did some research, then you most likely did some blog posts in your head. Don’t sweat coming up with great and astounding ideas or intricate essays. Remember the KISS method and Keep It Simple Stupid! (OK I had to break this rule for this article but you know what I mean…)

Need Help? Download Blogging to the Bank to learn how to give yourself the blogging advantage and profit from your blog.

You have to remember who your audience is in general. Most people read blogs rather than other forms of information because they are short and to-the-point snippets of information that can be easily digested. I think this is just normal human behavior in a conventional society. There is far too much information on the internet and too little time to try to consume it all. Blogs satisfy our normal curiosity like small little squares of chocolate would satisfy our sweet-tooth.

Step 10: Marketing (and maybe Monetizing) Your Blog

Since you have been blogging your little heart away, wouldn’t it be nice if people actually read it? Here are a few ways, among many, to go about marketing your blog.

Google Website Submittal ( – This allows you to easily add your new blog (or website) to Google. I also suggest you submit to Yahoo and AltaVista and any other search engine or directory you can find.

Google Adsense and Adwords – Adwords allows you to advertise on Google and Adsense allows you display ads on your blog that match your content. If any visitors to your blog click on the advertisements you get paid for it. What a concept!! Be sure to check the other suggested affiliates and ad networks under the “Money Makers” section of this blog.

Google Sitemap – This is a FREE plugin for WordPress that you can install that will create a Google Sitemap of your blog that can be used to allow your blog to be better indexed by Google.

FeedBurner – Another plugin and service that is FREE that allows you to do some really neat things with your blog’s feed. The feed of your blog is what allows someone to subscribe to your blog. It is a file that contains all of your posts in a specific file format called RSS that an “aggregator” (or “feed reader”) such as Google Reader can read and keep track of. You would want to use an aggregator because it keeps track of the different blog feeds that you have subscribed to and allows you to read those blog feeds all in one place. Although you do not need FeedBurner to allow your blog to be subscribed to, it has some really great features that you need to check out.

Comments – Visit alot of blogs and subscribe to them. Try to be the first to leave a comment with a link back to your blog.

Forums – Forums are the same way. Just be careful that you are truly leaving a comment about the thread and not just trying to advertise your blog.

Signatures – When you leave a comment or send an email make sure you use a signature that has your blog address.

Write Articles – Turn you blog posts into an expanded article that you can put on a tutorial or eZine (Electronic or Online Magazine) website such as Make sure to add a link back to your blog.

Word of Mouth – Don’t forget to tell the people you know about your new blog and keep them updated on what is going on. Ask them to become subscribers to your blog.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction into the world of blogging and I hope that you find your passion. Please be sure to comment on this blog post and leave me some feedback. Also be sure to ask me any questions that you might have. I will be glad to help you in any way that I can.

Jason Cochran is an internet guru with over 10 years experience with website design and development, marketing and advertising. His blogging website is at

Get Your Own Domain Name and Host for Blogging

Blogger Baby Bib
Are you just starting out with your blog and wondering if you should get your own domain name or use a subdomain of free blog providers like,, or typepad?

Stop wondering! Get your own domain name. Why? If you decide to move to a different blog platform (it happens) you can lose your traffic, search engine rankings, and Oh my!, all those links you worked so hard to get.

These “subdomain” blog addresses are not portable. In other words, you can’t take it with you so don’t start out with one! Instead:

1. Get a real domain address.
2. Get some Web server space from a reliable host.
3. Install WordPress on your Web server.
4. Start blogging.

Get a real domain address:

I highly recommend the following:

1) Register a new domain name with GoDaddy . They are inexpensive and easy to work with. If you do not want your personal information to be listed in the WHOIS directory, then choose private registration (cost extra). Later, when you get your Web server space, you will have to change the Domain Name Server (DNS) to that of your web hosting provider.

GoDaddy Promo Codes: (write down the code and use when you check out at GoDaddy)
OYH1 or hash1: Get 10% off any Godaddy order with this coupon. No maximum.
OYH2 or hash2: Get $5 off any Godaddy order of 30$ or more.
OYH3 or hash3: Get your .COM for $6.95 ($2 off)

2) Register a domain name with 1and1Internet. You can get private domain registration for FREE at 1and1Internet.

Get some Web server space from a reliable host: 

Once you complete your domain registration, get some Web server space to host your blog. According to, BLUEHOST.COM provides a rich hosting environment for your blog. They also provide WordPress auto-install! You can host 6 + domains for as little $6.95 per month total! AND, if you sign up with BlueHost for your Web hosting services, you can register your domain name for FREE!

I am hosting with Bluehost. Another feature you might like about BLUEHOST is their customer service. I called on a Saturday night (I know, I need to get a life!) and someone answered on the first ring. He answered all my questions and was extremely nice.

Install WordPress:

Once you have a domain name and Web host, install WordPress, the very best blogging software. a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.  WordPress will be available in your control panel when you log into your web hosting account.

You can choose from hundreds of WordPress themes for the look and feel of your blog. Visit the WordPress Theme Viewer for a real blog theme treat!

Start blogging:

OK. Once you set up everything – well, start blabbing, I mean blogging! If you are not sure what to blog about or what your next steps should be, I suggest you read the Blog Profits Blueprint - its FREE! Find a quiet place to read it. It is packed with great information about blogging.

Stop back and let me know your blog address and how you are doing!

Blogging to the Bank

blogging to the bankGet This Behind The Scenes Blogging Blueprint And Finally Give Yourself An Unfair Advantage Over The Competition!

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Find out how you can create a blog that earns money for you!

If you’re absolutely sick of all the get rich quick hype, getting your ass kicked by Adwords and finding it hard to make a single dollar in profit online? Maybe you’ve spent days optimizing your website for the search engines, only for them to ignore your site totally.

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