WordPress Plugin for YouTube Adsense Video Units

Adsense Video Unit Youtube

If you added the Adsense Video Unit code to your WordPress blog and saw something like this as a hyperlink:

Watch the latest videos on YouTube.com

then you need the WordPress plugin to make it work correctly in WordPress. Why you ask? WordPress is not javascript friendly and the Adsense Video Units use javascript rather then the usual “embed” tag you usually see when pasting YouTube code.

Head over to Ottodestruct and grab the WordPress plugin that will magically allow the Adsense Video Unit to work in your WordPress blog. After you install the plugin, you should be able to see the Adsense Video Unit (like you hopefully see in this post.) as pictured above.

The plugin works great except that it interferes with other plugins in my blog! So I won’t be keeping it active for too long!  I removed the plugin because it interfered with another plugin!

So what is all the hoo-ha about Adsense Video Units anyway? In a nutshell, AdSense recently introduced the video units feature, that allows you to include relevant YouTube video on your blog, and make money from ads on it.

The video units are available to Adsense publishers. If you are already using Adsense, you can choose from five products in your Adsense Setup and Video units is one of those. If you are not using Adsense, you can sign up for an account.

Adsense (Google) claims “you can get great video content from YouTube for your site and earn extra revenue along the way.”

When you choose the Video units in your Adsense account, you are quickly whisked away to YouTube where you can create a “sort of” custom Adsense Video unit.

  • Name: you can save it and grab or edit it later
  • Theme: choose from nine color themes (I chose the blue)
  • Layout: choose from Mini 400 x 415, Standard 500 x 510, or Full Size 780 x 560
  • Content: Choose the type of videos that play:
    • Automated Content: Enter a set of keywords and YouTube will automatically populate the player with related videos.
    • Choose By Category / Provider: Choose content by Category or Provider.

The ads themselves are intented to be relevent and “non-intrusive.”

In addition to Adsense publishers getting a share of the revenue, YouTube content partners also share in that revenue.  Who are the YouTube content partners and how do you become one?

Good question. YouTube has an official revenue-sharing Partner Program. You can read more here about the qualifications for the YouTube Partner program. There are a few criteria you’ll need to have before applying - including regularly uploading videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.

So, get your WordPress plugin, grab some Adsense Video unit code, and make some money!