StudioPress Focus Theme for WordPress

I love StudioPress themes! I’ve been an avid user since the Revolution Theme days. Over the years, the new designs and transition to the Genesis Framework has made these WordPress themes better than ever.

When first introduced to Genesis Framework, I didn’t quite understand it. Now, I see the power that is built in and enables anyone to build an amazing website with WordPress.

Focus Theme

This website is presently using the Focus theme. I chose it because it’s easy to use, has a simple layout, and is available in three colors: teal, blue, and black. The StudioPress Focus theme also provides 6 page layouts too! Learn more about Focus Theme from StudioPress.

What’s so great about StudioPress themes?

Everyone is so worried about search engine optimization and ranking high in Google. With these themes, the code is optimized and clean, which makes it easier for search engines to easily see and understand your content, and rank higher. You don’t have to worry about updates either, those are automatic.

Also, if you decide to use these amazing themes, you can become a StudioPress Affiliate and make money just by including a link on your website!

You get professional looking themes

I am not a designer so getting amazing looking WordPress theme designs that I can use out of the box is worth it! StudioPress is always adding new designs so purchasing the Pro Plus package is worth every penny! It includes every theme available and those that are added.

What about support?

When you purchase StudioPress themes for WordPress, you get unlimited support. One low price entitles you to unlimited support, updates, and domains you can build on. With over 20 moderators from all over the world, they provide solutions and help to over 56,000+ members. The tutorials are great and explain how to set up. Whenever I’ve had a question, it gets answered in a timely manner too!

Are StudioPress themes secure?

Everyday, hackers are thinking up new ways to take down your website or poison it with a malicious virus. This is a big pain! Believe me, it’s happened to me more than once. Genesis Framework for WordPress is built on the best security practices to reduce these risks.

There are so many more reasons to get StudioPress themes! You just have to take a look for yourself.

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