Beachbody Affiliate Program

Beachbody is a Fitness Industry Leader with $1 Billion total sales: achieved annual sales of $300 million in 2008 a 50% increase from 2007. The business plan is to achieve $1 billion + in annual sales within 5 years. The company is poised for explosive growth!

You may have seen the Beachbody infomercials, or worked out with some of their fitness products like P90X, Power 90, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, nutritional supplements, fitness gear and more. Beachbody has the perfect affiliate products to promote. Except for one thing: the BeachBody affiliate program ended with Linkshare on 12/15/06.

Instead of an affiliate program, Beachbody turned their business model into a network marketing company. Affiliate marketers, read on! You can still profit with this business using the Internet. With the Beachbody MLM, you can tap into a huge market! In this MLM, each person that signs up for this unique opportunity becomes a Beachbody Coach. Then the real fun starts when you start promoting the products!

They spend over $90 million per year on media and informercials. Also, BeachBody actually GIVES customers to qualified Coaches. Yes, Beachbody gives you customers!

You get a complete back office system where you can track all your customers, orders, Coaches who signed up under you, and tons of promotional materials. You would basically be running your own business from the convenience of home.

I was an affiliate marketer for many years and, just like you, was searching for the Beachbody affiliate program. If you know how to promote products using the Internet, you can do this too!

There is a huge demand for these products. Most people have seen the P90X infomercials and are already familiar with the Beachbody brand.

This business is implemented via Team Beachbody. You can start by signing up at Team Beachbody for FREE, as a member of the Team Beachbody community. Team Beachbody is a fitness meets social networking environment, where you have tons of free fitness tools at your fingertips, can work out in the virtual super gym, win cash just for working out, chat with buddies, and much more. You also get me as your free Coach, to help keep you focused on your fitness goals. If you decide to upgrade later and join the business as a Coach, I will be there to help you build your business too!

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How to sign up as a Coach? Get started for only $39.95. The first 30 days, you get to explore the back office, find out more about how the business works, make sales, sign up Coaches under you etc. After that, you pay $14.95 per month for your Beachbody Web site and back office system. You get 25% all products. Just think, if you sold just one P90X program per month, your commission of $30 would more than pay for your $14.95 fee. There are many more ways to earn. Click here to read about the compensation plan.
People already love these products! This opportunity is not for everyone. As an affiliate marketer I am sure you already do your research before getting involved anyway. But Beachbody is definitely worth looking at.

If you want to build a residual income (you are here so I think you do) in this economy, you should definitely check it out. Keep in mind that many people are opting to work out at home since it is less expensive than a gym.

If you can’t wait to get started as a Coach, click here to sign up or review the more information >>

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