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Papercut News theme is the latest WordPress theme from WooThemes and it is really feature packed. The Papercut theme has even more features than the standard features found in other WooTheme themes. Before I get into that, first take a look at the design. I love it! The colors are nice and it sports a grungy look in a well-organized design. This premium WordPress theme comes to you with 5 colors, alternating stylesheets, built-in widgets, and layout control via a hand crafted theme options page.

Colors you get:

  • Papercut Default Style
  • Papercut Wood Style
  • Papercut Floral Style
  • Papercut Red Print Style
  • Papercut Newspaper Style

 Some other noteworthy features include:

  • An unique homepage layout, with a beautiful grid structure that keeps your content looking fresh and appealing.
  • Beautiful comment styling and unobtrusive advertising banner placements.
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with custom widgets included in the theme packaging. No third party widgets required.
  • Integrated Banner Management widget to display banner ads of your choice site-wide

Demo the Papercut Grungy News Theme

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