The Truth About Build a Niche Store

cat niche storeWe’ve all been lured by dozens of different ebooks for sale, all regurgitating the same “make money” dream in a variety of ways. But most of those ebooks offer you words and ideas, and brag about how much money they make. Are you as tired of those as I am?

I purchased Build a Niche Store simply because the creators offered me something more than words and ideas. They provide real tangible software with free updates forever and an unlimited domain license (yes, you can use BANS on as many domains as you like). I like that a lot. Build a Niche Store (BANs) is in version 3 now. FREE updates and a great forum where you can get support if you need it as well as great creative ideas on how to make your niche store even better!

But wait? What is Build a Niche Store? BANS works with the eBay affiliate program. Did you know that eBay recently brought their affiliate program in-house? Ebay pays up to 75% of winning bid revenue as well as $25 for every new active user you send their way. You can also take advantage of 12 eBay countries….and they work with BANS! The possibilities are enourmous. Even if you don’t use BANS, you should at least look into Ebay’s affiliate program!

niche store builderBANS (Build A Niche Store) is a website builder that enables you to create a network of traffic pulling, money making niche websites focused around the fabulous eBay affiliate opportunity. The12 eBay marketplaces that BANS currently supports (Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, India, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States) hold a combined product inventory of over 60 million products. Can you imagine how many different different niche markets that is?

Did I mention that you also get 9 templates that you can customize?

Here is a taste of my experience with Build a Niche Store.

I downloaded the software, which came with 2 PDF manuals: Installation and Setup. I already had a domain name that I planned to use for my niche store as well as web server space so I was anxious to get started.

I followed the steps in the Installation guide and everything went smoothly. In this step I uploaded the niche store files to my web server, changed permissions on a file, added a SQL database and user. I never created a SQL database and user but the instructions were very clear.  Then I completed the installation from an Internet web browser. The basic niche store was setup in under 15 minutes.

Next, I setup the basic framework of my niche store from the Niche Store Admin panel (this is where all the real magic takes place) with my ebay affiliate ID and ebay categories that I planned to target. I did a little ebay research to find the correct category and entered the category number in my niche store admin panel. I then setup a new eBay affiliate campaign and entered that number in my admin panel.

Voila, the store was setup with functioning categories and eBay auction listings. The menu doesn’t just include one category… all sub-categories display in the niche store menu on your niche store site so you can have a pretty long list of categories.

The category store pages are automatically generated based on eBay auctions. You can format your auctions five ways too! You can also leave the eBay store pages as the default or you can add text, your own meta tags, menu navigation text, and ads — all from within the admin panel.

You can also add your own static content pages. This is a great place to add interesting articles that will attract visitors and search engines. Again, you do this from with the admin panel.

There is also a place in the admin panel where you can place ads on the top, left, right, or bottom of your eBay niche store. You can ad affiliate links, Adsense, or anything else you want.

The generated pages seem to be SEO friendly so far too.

The technical work is fairly easy. I found the instructions extremely clear and easy to understand and follow.

My next step is to start doing a little marketing as well as adding some content pages to make my niche stores more interesting.

olympics niche storeSo, the truth is that Build a Niche Store is a great tool for me to build a store in a content management type environment. And I love the possibilities: 12 countries, 60 million products. Plus I am having a lot of fun with customization and just thinking of a new niche market to target. My niche store has already paid for itself. At just $97, it was a really good deal.

But again, it is a worthwhile investment for me because it is software that I can actually create something with (a niche store) in a short amount of time.

It truly is easy to use.

You owe it to yourself to read more about Build a Niche Store, and see how you can benefit from what BANS has to offer. You will learn more than I can ever brag about here.  Click here for more information about BANS.

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