Mimbo Pro Premium Magazine Style Theme

Mombo Pro themeMimbo Pro is a full-featured magazine or news WordPress theme recently released. We are so excited about the Mimbo Pro theme! Mimbo supplies you with a built-in contact form, image gallery, custom archive pages, breadcrumbs, ad management, Feedburner and Google Analytics options, and much more. Mimbo is also ideal if you plan to use WordPress as a content management system (CMS).

The colors are striking and you also get two alternate color schemes (red and green) that are managed through the Mimbo Pro Options tab in the Admin panel. You can also change the number of words that WordPress excerpts uses through the “Optional Excerpt” panel. All in all Mimbo Pro is changing premium themes once again with all the comprehensive control panel that allows you to easily change options.

Features of Mimbo Pro theme for WordPress:

  • Comprehensive control panel for controlling all aspects of the site, no more editing templates manually!
  • Built-in contact form with control panel options
  • Hot looking custom templates for: search results, date archives, sitemap, contact, author archives and category archives
  • Google Analytics, Feedburner, and simple advertising options in the control panel
  • Custom script that automatically crops and resizes images – no more creating two or three versions of each image
  • Printer-friendly rendering of single post pages

The features alone make this premium theme worth every penny! Mimbo will save you lots of time behind the scenes.

Demo Mimbo Pro theme for WordPress

Mimbo Pro – Single Site License for 89.99 USD
Mimbo Pro Single Site License gives you the right to use Mimbo Pro on a single website. You can also modify the theme as per your requirements.

Mimbo Pro – Multi Site License for 199.99 USD
Mimbo Pro Multi Site License gives you the right to use Mimbo Pro on a as many sites as you like. You can modify the theme as per your requirements, including removing the footer link. You will also receive the theme psd files to use in your modifications.


  1. ts says:

    Think it’s a great theme as well, though I one very minor thing that would be nice out of the box is standard sized ad units.

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