eBay Moves Affiliate Program In-House

Hello fellow affiliates! With just a little effort, you can earn a lot of money with the eBay Affiliate Program. All that you and the other 100,000 affiliates have to do is drive traffic to eBay. Easier said then done and Build a Niche Store can help solve that little traffic problem.

eBay hosted their affiliate program with Commission Junction for years. eBay recently announced that they are moving their affiliate program in-house starting on April 1, 2008. The new in-house network is designed to give affiliates better access to revenue opportunities across eBay Inc.’s global platforms.

Although the launch date is April 1, we heard that “the eBay Partner Network and Commission Junction will run in parallel for one month through this process, so please plan to complete your migration by May 1st, 2008.”

Why should you care? If you build niche sites with Build a Niche Store, you will need to grab and make some updates to your Niche Store’s software.

Kelvin and Adam, the creators of Build a Niche Store, are well aware of eBay’s plan to launch their new in-house affiliate program and will update Build a Niche Store as required.
Stay tuned for announcements about the update!

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