Revolution Theme CMS Review

Revolution Theme CMS ReviewRevolution Themes for WordPress are premium WordPress themes that are changing the face of blogs and causing quite a stir in the blogosphere. I’ve had the opportunity to get a first-hand look at a few of the Revolution themes through my work with clients who use them. With that, here is my official review of the original Revolution Theme CMS (Content Management System).

The CMS theme is ideal for use as a content management system, as it comprises both a static website and blog. The possibilities for use are many, from small businesses to niche websites.


On first look, you see the CMS Revolution theme is starkly colored, in black, white, and gray. This color scheme provides the perfect opportunity to customize the theme to suit your own needs, like the examples below (a colorful array). I’ve seen other reviews that criticized the stark colors of the CMS theme, however they are missing the point – that is, the hard work of coding is done and the theme provides as excellent basis from which you can customize any way you want.

revolution cms example   content management system theme example   cms3.jpg   cms4.jpg


I have to admit I am not fond of the magnifying glass in the header – it’s a little outdated and corny looking. But the good news is you can easily change it. You can remove the search box altogether if you want, or simply replace the image with one that you design yourself.

I also don’t care for the double border seen in the sidebars of the subpages. You can just change it to a single line or no line at all via the well-organized CSS stylesheet. It’s all about customization. If everyone used the theme “out of the box”, everyone’s blog would look exactly the same. Instead, your blog or website should reflect your personality or your company colors.

Revolution theme CMS for WordPress includes a clear navigation structure in a double row menu. The first row is for pages and subpages, while the second row is for child-parent categories. There is no “real” work involved here. Just create a new category and it automatically appears in the menu. The same for a page and subpage.

The basic structure of Revolution theme CMS is simple, clear, and elegant. The design is also built to include both a static website and a fully functioning blog.

Some Features

There are many ways to slice and dice theWordpress Revolution theme. A blog typically includes blog postings that are posted under categories. You can also create individual pages outside the category system. You are probably familiar with individual pages like About Us and Contact pages.

With Revolution theme CMS, you get three different Page types:

  • Basic Page
  • News Page
  • Featured Page

Each page is designed slightly different, providing you with more than one way to show off your content. The pages are structurally designed so you can create “section” pages. Think of these in the same way you think of the front page of each newspaper section.

Revolution CMS also supplies you with three sidebars for individual pages and blog entries:

  • Page Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar for blog
  • Right Sidebar for blog

You can include a combination of items in the sidebars, like static text and images, automatic text (recent postings, recent comments, categories, pages, and so on), and ads.

Behind the Scenes

I find the Revolution themes quite easy to work with , the code is well-done and organized,  and the CSS stylesheet is easy to follow with all items grouped together in like-sections. In comparison, other themes I have worked with have often been nightmarish due to the poorly organized stylesheet and sloppy coding.


Brian Gardner, the developer of Revolution themes, provides a support forum and tutorials if you need more information about how to do things inside the Revolution themes.

What is the cost?

Developer Package – $399.95
This package is for the developer wants to develop sites with any of the seven Revolution themes.

Single Use Package – $79.95
Use the theme on a single website.

Multiple Use Package – $199.95
Use the theme on multiple websites.


Highly recommended and well worth the price. Easy to work with, easy to customize, and they look good out of the box. Static website and blog postings all in one. The Success Space is currently wearing the Revolution Magazine theme.

Be sure to evaluate your own website or blog needs before diving into any WordPress theme purchase. You may love the look, but it may or may not be right for your needs. If Revolution is right for you or your company, go for it!


  1. Deborah says:

    Your dead on about the use of this theme. I bought the developer package from Brian moons ago and I use it as a basis for many of my customers sites. In fact I either use this for the WordPress sites or I use my own software Kezoor. But it is an easy fit for most any website/blog. Great article!

  2. The Success Space says:

    Hi Deborah – thanks! By the way, your blog is sporting a fantastic look these days!


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