Run Your Own Auction with WP Auctions Plugin

Wordpress Auction PluginWant to bypass eBay’s recently increased seller fees? Of course you do! Maybe you have some “stuff” you just want to sell: clothes, electronics, blog reviews, services, or anything else you feel like selling. Now you can have your very own auction on your blog.

WP Auctions is a sweet WordPress Plugin developed by Hyder over at WPAuctions and released on February 22, 2008. With the WP Auctions plugin, you have complete control of your auctions on your blog. Buyers can place real time bids on your site with no registration required.

As an added bonus, you can also get free traffic for your auctions by registering your auctions RSS feed on the WP Auctions Live page.

The WP Auctions plugin is easy to use:

  1. Download the WP Auctions Plugin.
  2. Upload to your WordPress Plugins folder.
  3. Activate the WP Auctions Plugin.
  4. The WP Auctions widget will appear in your “Widgets” panel in the WordPress. Drag it to the sidebar.

Do a little customization in the WP Auctions tab and you will be set to add and manage your auctions.

The WP Auctions plugin is a welcome treat to the blogging community. What are you waiting for? Download the WP Auctions plugin and start your own auction. Don’t forget to register your auction RSS feed on the WP Auctions live page.

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