Solostream 3-Column 1.0

solostream 3 column wordpress themeThe Solostream 3-Column 1.0 WordPress theme is a 3-column, fixed-width. You’ll need WordPress versions 2.2 and above. The Solostream 3 Column themes features the featured article functionality of the home page, which also include a tabber area. The tabber is perfect for saving lots of real estate on the page. The default tabber area holds the About this Site, Popular Posts, and Most Discussed Posts.

The Solostream 3 Column also features a 250 x 250 ad space in the right column and 160 x 600 ad space in the left column. Lots of room for monetization! Other features you may like are the menu items located at the top of the page and search box. The columns are located on the left and right of the main content column.

Some other specific features built into Solostream 3-Column 1.0 include:

  • Widget-Ready
  • Drop-down navigation for sub-pages.
  • Tag support for WordPress 2.3.
  • Built-in archives page.
  • Drop-down boxes for categories and monthly archives.
  • Tabbed top content box.
  • Featured article functionality.

You can also use the built-in WordPress Sidebar Widgets.

Overall, Solostream 3 column WordPress theme gives you a nice clean look, room to monetize, and of course, to customize!



Purchase Options:

Solostream 3-Column 1.0 Basic (Single Use License $49.00)

Solostream 3-Column 1.0 Premium (Multiple Use License $79.00)

Solostream 3-Column 1.0 Developer ($179.00)

Have fun with this slick WordPress theme. If you use it on your WordPress blog, stop by and let the Success Space know!

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