Mimbo Pro Premium Magazine Style Theme

Mombo Pro themeMimbo Pro is a full-featured magazine or news WordPress theme recently released. We are so excited about the Mimbo Pro theme! Mimbo supplies you with a built-in contact form, image gallery, custom archive pages, breadcrumbs, ad management, Feedburner and Google Analytics options, and much more. Mimbo is also ideal if you plan to use WordPress as a content management system (CMS).

The colors are striking and you also get two alternate color schemes (red and green) that are managed through the Mimbo Pro Options tab in the Admin panel. You can also change the number of words that WordPress excerpts uses through the “Optional Excerpt” panel. All in all Mimbo Pro is changing premium themes once again with all the comprehensive control panel that allows you to easily change options.

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Live Wire Edition 3 Column Magazine Style Theme

Live Wires Edition Magazine WordPress themeI was excited to see that Adii and Mark Forrestor teamed up to create the Live Wire series of premium themes for WordPress. Live Wire Edition is a feature rich 3 column magazine or newspaper style WordPress theme. I was impressed with the classic look and feel of Live Wire Edition theme, and the rich features.

The Live Wire Series is Adii’s most featured packed theme to date, available in four colors: red, orange, blue and purple. This WordPress theme also features plenty of ad space for monetization. The sidebar is split – a single wide sidebar that splits into 2 sidebars further down the page. The real treat is in the features! [Read more...]

eBay Moves Affiliate Program In-House

Hello fellow affiliates! With just a little effort, you can earn a lot of money with the eBay Affiliate Program. All that you and the other 100,000 affiliates have to do is drive traffic to eBay. Easier said then done and Build a Niche Store can help solve that little traffic problem.

eBay hosted their affiliate program with Commission Junction for years. eBay recently announced that they are moving their affiliate program in-house starting on April 1, 2008. The new in-house network is designed to give affiliates better access to revenue opportunities across eBay Inc.’s global platforms. [Read more...]

Revolution Theme CMS Review

Revolution Theme CMS ReviewRevolution Themes for WordPress are premium WordPress themes that are changing the face of blogs and causing quite a stir in the blogosphere. I’ve had the opportunity to get a first-hand look at a few of the Revolution themes through my work with clients who use them. With that, here is my official review of the original Revolution Theme CMS (Content Management System). [Read more...]

Get Sociable With the Social Bookmarking Plugin for WordPress

sociable plugin for wordpressSociable is an awesome plugin for WordPress that has been around for awhile now. I just got around to installing it and love it! Sociable adds social media buttons to your posts. The image you see above left is a portion of the backend, where you select the buttons for various social media that you want to display on your blog posts. [Read more...]

Run Your Own Auction with WP Auctions Plugin

Wordpress Auction PluginWant to bypass eBay’s recently increased seller fees? Of course you do! Maybe you have some “stuff” you just want to sell: clothes, electronics, blog reviews, services, or anything else you feel like selling. Now you can have your very own auction on your blog.

WP Auctions is a sweet WordPress Plugin developed by Hyder over at WPAuctions and released on February 22, 2008. With the WP Auctions plugin, you have complete control of your auctions on your blog. Buyers can place real time bids on your site with no registration required. [Read more...]

One WordPress Plugin You Need – All in One SEO Pack

Wordpress SEO PluginIf there is just one WordPress plugin that you had to have, then the All in One SEO Pack is it! This free plugin optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines. It’s so easy to use it practically does all the work for you – all you have to do it install it. I installed the All in One SEO Pack on another blog that I own and it was extremely simple. I highly recommend this plugin if you are interested in optimizing your blog for search engines. [Read more...]

Solostream 3-Column 1.0

solostream 3 column wordpress themeThe Solostream 3-Column 1.0 WordPress theme is a 3-column, fixed-width. You’ll need WordPress versions 2.2 and above. The Solostream 3 Column themes features the featured article functionality of the home page, which also include a tabber area. The tabber is perfect for saving lots of real estate on the page. The default tabber area holds the About this Site, Popular Posts, and Most Discussed Posts. [Read more...]

Revolution Pro Business Theme

revolution business pro themeThe Revolution Pro Business theme was just released a couple of days ago from Brian Gardner. Pro Business follows in the footsteps of and sports a similar look / feel of the Pro Media theme, another brilliant creation.

Revolution Pro Business is the ideal solution for a small business or company who wants a smart looking static web page as well as a blog. Pro Business is not limited to the small business or company. No way! The Revolution Pro theme is perfect for your WordPress niche affiliate site as well. Get your creative thinking cap on! [Read more...]

March Revolution Affiliate Contest

revolution affiliate contestBrian Gardner, the creator behind the Revolution WordPress theme series, is hosting this year’s first time ever March Revolution Affiliate Contest! He has some fantastic prizes that he will hand over to the top three affiliates for the month of March:

  • 1st prize – 4 night Bahama Cruise & $500 spending cash
  • 2nd prize – Samsung 19? Flat-Panel HDTV, Revolution All-Inclusive Package or $500 cash
  • 3rd prize – $250 cash or gift certificate to your favorite online retailer

Three fantastic prizes for the top three Revolution affiliates. Will you be one of them?

Contest Rules:

  • The contest will begin on March 1st, and run until 12:00 midnight March 31st
  • The people who generate the 3 highest amount of affiliate sales (in US dollars) throughout the course of the month will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes
  • To enter the contest, you must be a Revolution affiliate
  • You must post on your blog and linkback with the details of this contest
  • Self-purchases made with your own affiliate code will NOT count
  • You can use any of the affiliate banner images from the Revolution site

Head over to the contest and find out more!