The Rich Jerk is Really a Jerk

OK, I said it. The Rich Jerk describes himself appropriately. He really is a jerk. I had not read this jerk’s ebooks before so when I saw The Rich Jerk Making Money on the Internet ebook for just $9.99, I figured I had nothing much to lose. If there is just one small tidbit of information that helps me make lots more Internet money, then it’s well worth the purchase.

First let me say that The Rich Jerk is not for the faint of heart! He is brash and direct, a very hardcore Internet money making guy. He tells it like it is. So if you like fluffy, cute advice about how to make money on the Internet, then don’t get the Rich Jerk ebook.

If you are new to making money on the Internet, The Rich Jerk may not be for you, although he does include a supplemental chapter for beginners (and at $9.99 for a 65 page ebook, it’s a steal). Many of his tactics assume you know a thing or two already about Internet affiliate marketing, he just gives you a few of the pieces you are missing.

I won’t (and can’t!) give away all the secrets of The Rich Jerk ebook, but I will talk here about the chapters that were valuable for me and why.

Creating an Affiliate Website that Sells Like Crazy

The Rich Jerk provides some sales letter strategies that really lit a fire under me. Writing good sales letters is paramount to your success as an affiliate marketer. How many times did you get lazy and just copy and paste someone else’s crappy text onto your affiliate sales page? I know you do it. The Rich Jerk and his brash methods will definitely get you motivated to write sales copy that SELLS! He showed me how to think outside my box that I have fallen into.

Unique Search Engine PPC and Strategies

Everyone thinks they know everything about PPC Strategies. But I bet your ads look just like the other eight on the page. The Rich Jerk provides some good strategies for PPC ads and making money with Adsense. I started using some of his strategies for my PPC ads and guess what? They work!

Websites You Can Make Profitable Right Now

If you are not already using ClickBank, then read this chapter. The Rich Jerk gives some good information about creating profitable niche ClickBank websites.


All in all, just half the chapters were useful me (I didn’t mention them all here), but again, it was well worth the $9.99 for the ebook. You probably spend that much for two Starbuck lattes or three snacks in the junk machine in your workplace breakroom.

Honestly, I would not have paid $98 for this ebook (the original price when it was first published) but at $9.99 it was worth the price of admission. Plus you get access to The Rich Jerk forums to discuss, what else, MAKING MONEY ON THE INTERNET.

If you are out of ideas, your profits have plummeted, or you just want to increase your monthly checks, The Rich Jerk ebook will definitely keep you busy thinking outside the box.


  1. Brent Spencer says:

    The Rich Jerk may be a jerk, but man does this eBook show you the way to Internet profits. I spent the $9.99, picked up a few pieces that were missing in my strategy and, what do you know, my CTR went up drastically on my CB campaigns. If you want that extra edge when it comes to writing ads, do yourself a favor and by the Jerk’s book!

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