Using WordPress to Create Profitable Niche Sites


As a confessed, long-time affiliate marketer, I can tell you that creating lots of small web sites can be a very tedious task. Don’t get me wrong. I love getting checks in the mail as much as the next person but I knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to create these niche web sites.

I heard lots of blogosphere chatter about using WordPress to create static web sites. WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System (CMS) that is typically used for blogs and ongoing conversations with the people who read them. It’s easy to manage because once you write the articles, the hyperlinks (like monthly archives, categories, and pages) take care of themselve. Everything in a tidy neat little package.

Creating niche money making sites with WordPress

Usually, when I select a new affiliate marketing niche, I look at profitable keywords or products, and build a site around it. High maintenance is out of the question! Who has the time for that. I like sites that bring in two things: traffic and money!

I had the good fortune to meet Caroline Middlebrook. Caroline has done the hard work friends, and written an ebook about creating the very thing I wanted to create. A low-to-no maintenance niche web site using WordPress. I like it already!

I downloaded the ebook with no expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Caroline has a technical background but has written her ebook so mere mortals can actually understand it!

She starts out introducing the subject about niche sites and then launches into a nice overview and how-to about installing WordPress. Caroline also targets the important points in the WordPress Admin panel and how to get your WordPress theme going.

It was a nice WordPress refresher but then she reveals the real gems of creating your niche static web site with WordPress:

  • Setting up Adsense
  • Essential WordPress plugins and how to install them
  • Site subject and monetization
  • Static pages
  • Link structure
  • And much more!

All in all the “How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress” ebook is a quick read with some great information and tips. Your mind will be flowing with new ideas when you finish this one!

Download it for FREE at Caroline’s blog.

Check out  iThemes WordPress Themes, my favorite WordPress themes for creating niche affiliate sites.

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