IAMWW W2 DnD WordPress Theme 3 Column

3 column wordpress theme iamww

The IAMWW W2 DnD WordPress 3 column theme (that was a mouthful!) built on a grid layout, with a white, gray and blue color scheme.


  • Fixed width with an overall width of 920px.
  • Widget ready.
  • Horizontal top navigation.
  • A grid based layout with one right-hand sidebar that also contains two smaller sub-sidebars.
  • A JavaScript sliding drawer or shelf for browsing categories.
  • An about me or about site blurb at the top of the sidebar that is only displayed on the home page.
  • Includes an archives template page.
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.0+.
  • There is no options page with this theme.
  • No plugins are required.
  • Validates as (X)HTML and CSS.

Supported plugins (optional):

  • Popularity Contest – Download and install per author’s instructions.
  • Related Posts – Download and install per author’s instructions. No special configuration needed.

The theme was tested in Firefox (Mac, Linux and Windows), Internet Explorer 7, Opera (Mac) and Safari (Mac and Windows).

What I like about the IAMWW 3 column WordPress theme:

At the top, just below the header on the right, click the Browse button. A Category menu drops down, and fills the width of the theme. The Category menu includes the Category name and number of posts. A nice looking feature that the reader can hide or show.

wordpress theme browse categories

The front page shows excerpts from recent articles as opposed to the full article. The title fonts are REALLY BIG! They stand out.

There are lots of ad placement possibilities with the right-most column. This column starts out as one column at the top and splits into two columns below. A nice touch.

Thank Will Wilkins for the IAMWW W2 Dnd WordPress theme 3 column (split).



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