Ghacks WordPress 3 Column Theme

ghacks 3 column theme

The Ghacks 3 Column WordPress theme is sweet looking, in various hues of blue with black and gray. Ghack WordPress theme includes three columns, set to the right of the main content column.Best of all, the Ghacks 3 col theme is free as long as the author link in the footer remains. The WordPress theme is also optimized to gain great exposure in the most popular search engines as well as monetized perfectly.According to the author of Ghacks theme, this theme was designed to implement plugins as flawlessly as possible. All the recommended plugins can just be activated in WordPress and the theme displays them automatically without user interaction or code editing.The author also provide instructions for the WordPress theme, and the name and description of all the recommended WordPress plug-ins. Here is one of many great plug-in recommendations.Visit the author’s website for more!

Adsense Paster – The easiest way to add Adsense to your blog. Download the plugin from the website above and ftp it into your wordpress plugin directory. After that you simply create the code on the Google Adsense website and paste that code into the ads_0.php file that resides in the plugin directory. Once you have done that activate the plugin in WordPress and watch as the ads appear on the top left of your articles.

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