Make Money with Typos and Misspellings – Typo Gold

 Update: 18 Jan 08 – Typo Gold is no longer available.

Typo goldDid you know that you can get targeted Internet traffic – for free or near nothing – using proven strategies that most online marketers ignore?

Let me introduce you to Typo Gold, where you will learn about how to profit with typos and misspellings. People just like you and me type the wrong phrase in search boxes all the time. In fact, over 17% of searches are typed incorrectly.

Do you know how many people type a domain name incorrectly?

Do some quick math. If all the keywords for your Web site come to 200,000 searches per month across all search engines, and 17%  of 200,000 is 34,000, then you can see that Typo Gold strategies can give you access to 34,000 potential extra visitors to your Web site.

Typo Gold reveals to you a 100% scientific method that shows you exactly which variation will get you the most traffic.

I highly recommend Typo Gold. I used it recently to breathe new life into a nearly dead Web site. It really works!

Update: I started using Typo Gold domain strategies along with Clickbank. This is a winning combination! This is the best ebook I have read on a great long-term strategy to gain a steady stream of traffic.

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