Cleaker 2.1 WordPress Theme, 3 Column, Right Sidebar, Blue Theme


Theme: Cleaker 2.1 WordPress
Theme Designer: Cleave Design
Cleaker 2.1 is a 3 column wordpress theme. The sidebars are both on the right, and it has a nice menu in the header.
Features: Nice Header Menu Widgetized Colors: Blue, green, and some orange. Cleaker 2.1 theme has very nice color scheme. License and Pricing: Free, designer requests link.


Review: Cleaker WordPress theme is easy to work with and has well-marked code. It’s very customizable.


  1. Nice site keep it up!

  2. Susan says:

    This is one of the nicer themes. :) It’s hard to find good themes sometimes but I’ve found this site to have a pretty good starting collection:

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