Business Expense App – iLiving App Tax Shield

Business Expense App - iLA Tax Shield

Business Expense App - iLA Tax Shield

You can simplify your tax life with a business expense app. Every year, so many expenses of home business owners are wasted due to inconsistent expense tracking and record keeping The new iLiving App Tax Shield solves that problem for you!

With a business expense app, you won’t be losing receipts and sticky notes all over the place. You can simply enter your business expenses in the iLiving App Tax Shield as soon as they happen.

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At the next tax season, you will have all the right information at your fingertips.

Business Expense App for Tax Deductions

As the best expense tracking app, the iLiving App Tax Shield will help you track business related credit card expense automatically. That’s a real plus!

Although there is no GPS feature, you can easily log your mileage, an important tool in an expense tracker app. With reports at the touch of a control, the iLiving App Tax Shield can give you a quick overview of your business expense for any period of time too.

A few of the features of this business expense app include:

  • Automate tracking of expenses.
  • View a real-time estimate of how much you save in taxes based on your deductions
  • You use your mobile phone anyway. Now you can just add the business expense app to your toolbox for on the go access.
  • Print detailed tax reports from iLiving App Tax Shield that are formatted properly for your accountant

Business Expense App – Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Imagine if you could put some of your money back in your pocket? Well if you start tracking your business deductions consistently, you can with the iLA Tax Shield business expense app. How many times did you misplace a receipt or scramble to figure out your mileage at the end of the year?

If this sounds like you, you are a perfect candidate for the best receipt tracking app yet!

There are so many tax deductions that people miss out and now you can capture them all!

The iLA Tax Shield business expense app was created with the small business owner in mind. That’s you!

Available in early May, this mobile app also has an income producing feature that you can be part of too! Just refer others to use the iLA Tax Shield business expense app and you can earn money!

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Rippln Mobile App – Invite

rippln mobile app

rippln mobile app

Looking for the Rippln movement? You came to the right place!

With this new mobile app, you will be able to create a global ripple effect! Be part of our Rippln Inner Circle – it’s 100% FREE right now. Just fill in the form at the end of this article and I will send you an invite!

In just 6 days, over 100,000 people in 196 countries are part of this incredible Ripple effect! Are you? Why not?

Let’s get you Rippln’ right now! It’s powered by people just like you!

Rippln Mobile App Gamification

Put mobile, social media and gamification together and you have Rippln! This is the first mobile app platform that was created to reward people just like you for your social graph or the personal relationships of Internet users.

It’s like creating a giant social media ripple that you can get rewarded for! Yes, Rippln will change the world of technology and mobile apps as we know it! I can’t wait – so excited for this!

Our team is growing like crazy. We also have a private Facebook mastermind group with top leaders to guide everyone on our team! Make sure you fill in the form below to get your invite!

People of all ages from all types of professions are joining Rippln for the biggest global viral sensation ever!

Check out this video for a peek at what is happening:

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You can start building your ripples right away by inviting others. Can you say “communication breakthrough?” This is it!

Become a Rippln player NOW and start monetizing once the app officially launches. You get rewarded for your influence just for sharing these super cool apps!

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